El Sangre de Drago, the blood of the dragon

Ever heard of the the blood of the dragon?

I found out about this product when I was in Ecuador with the Indians (shuars) of the Amazon.

It was during a walk in the forest, after one machete cut on this tree that a latex like, vegetable blood, began to flow from the bark. Croton_lechleri

The most used and studied type of tree up to date comes from a Croton lechleri tree species from the Euphorbiaceae botanical family.

This is a medium size tree that grows in the Amazon, especially in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

True vegetable liquid bandage!

This resin is transformed into an extraordinary healing ointment on heavy or minor injuries. It stops bleeding, soothes insect bites, itching, and burning.

sangre-de-dragoMany scientific studies have confirmed the healing power of « Sangre de Drago », which is mainly due to the alkaloid tapsine that induces cell migration into the wounded area and helps regenerate the skin.

10 years ago, this traditional Amazonian remedy  was known only by ethnobotanical and sold almost exclusively in local markets in the Amazon.

Today it has become a must in natural cosmetics.

It is used as an asset to regenerate, to moisturize mature damaged skin and reduce scarring and stretch marks.

Take a look at the list of ingredients for your anti-aging cream…You may find it within the list… 🙂


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