My aromatic discovery this winter

The hydrosol or floral water of vulgar thyme  ct thujanol organic.

Just a quick note to make you discover this hydrosol. IMG_2966

Since the beginning of the year, I had a stubborn sinus infection that made me snore very unpleasantly at night.

I already knew all about the essential oil of common thyme thujanol chemotype. A very valuable but hard to find organic oil. Indeed, the organic production of this chemical thyme variety is delicate.

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of  this thyme hydrosol for me to test. I decided to take a tablespoon every morning with a little lemon juice for two weeks.

Miraculous!! No more snoring or sinus infections! My immune system had been strengthened. Obviously I fell under the spell of this hydrosol.

Let’s explore its botanical and chemical beauty:

  • Latin name :Thymus vulgaris
  • Part used: Flowering tops
  • Process: Steam distillation
  • Chémotype :trans thuyan-4-ol (thujanol)
  • Primary constituants :trans thuyan-4-ol, sabinene, cis thuyan-4-ol, 4-terpineol, γ-terpinene.

There are six differents thyme chemotypes: geraniol, α-terpineol, thujanol, linalool, carvacrol and thymol.

It is Passet, Granger and Vernet (1971- 1986), who has discovered the chemical polymorphism of Thymus vulgaris.

The sweetest thyme is linalool and thujanol thyme

Therapeutic properties of thyme hydrosol thujanol:

  • Bactericidal, virucidal
  • skin disinfectant.
  • Regenerating liver
  • Balance and restores energy circulation.

My advice:

Internally: At the beginning of winter, to strengthen your immune system, take every day 1 tablespoon of pure or diluted floral water for 15 days, repeat if necessary.

You can also use it as a gargle or spray in the back of the mouth for mouth ulcers or sore throat. It will help support the immunity level of the throat.

In external use: Apply it on skin problems areas like a cleansing lotion.

Take good care,


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